MySchool is an activity-based early childhood development centre offering services of a preschool, day care and co-curricular activities to children from 18 months to 4.5 years of age. As the name suggests, MySchool stands for a sense of belonging where each child feels welcomed and loved.

MySchool is a happy, safe place with fun-filled stimulation abound, necessary for early childhood development and learning. But behind this are a thoughtful planning, globally acclaimed pedagogy and proven best practices and methodology at work that come together to make MySchool, the premium preschool in Lucknow. It is not only a child-friendly and safe environment, but equally a stimulant to trigger exploration and learning in an inclusive and unhindered manner.

We welcome you to be part of this journey in putting together a right foundation for your children.

Why to choose MySchool as your kid’s preschool

Lucknow has seen a spurt in early childhood education with many entrants into this space with varying names and categories like play schools, pre primary schools, pre nursery schools, pre schools. However, when it comes to insightful understanding of this complex discipline of early childhood education based on experience, research and partnerships, MySchool establishes many firsts for Lucknow. Among the best preschools in India for kids, ensuring primary care and development milestones, MySchool lists among the most valuable nursery experiences.

MySchool’s building has been built in complete accordance of the international norms of school buildings, designed by the architects renowned for creating school buildings, Education Design Architects, Mumbai. Pre primary, primary and nursery schools become more considerate and safer environments with expert and thoughtful infrastructure.