MySchool, the premium preschool in Lucknow, believes that kids learn better when learning is made fun and wholesome. Therefore, when teaching our kids about colours, we make a whole day of experiencing that colour out of it.
On the 19th of January, we had Brown Day. The kids were each asked to bring with them any brown-coloured item from home. At school, they were asked to say one line about the brown object they had chosen. The children let their imagination run wild, as some carried a teddy bear, some an ice cream cone and one even got a small tree!


Over the day, the teachers at MySchool decided to teach about the colour brown as well as an important moral lesson. Therefore, they enacted a storytelling session about a brown teddy called Brownie who went to mall with his mother. He asked for brown chocolates, promising that he would only eat one. However, he broke his promise and also ate a brown donut, due to which he had a stomach ache and had to be tended to by a doctor.


The rest of the day the children made creative little crafts and other interesting items using only items that were coloured brown. They left knowing the importance of keeping promises, as well as the beauty of the rich colour brown.

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