Celebrating Daan Utsav at MySchool

It takes more than just education to shape a child’s character. Taking a step forward in this direction and to teach the children the value of kindness, MySchool celebrated Daan Utsav: Joy of Giving Week from 27th September to 06th October, 2018. Believing in the fact that joy multiplies when shar

Brown Day at MySchool

MySchool, the premium preschool in Lucknow, believes that kids learn better when learning is made fun and wholesome. Therefore, when teaching our kids about colours, we make a whole day of experiencing that colour out of it. On the 19th of January, we had Brown Day. The kids were each asked to bring

Pink Day at MySchool

At MySchool, we believe in getting creative with our lessons, to make learning as fun and interactive for our little ones as possible. On the 27th of October, we organised Pink Day, a day dedicated to the lovely colour pink. On this day, the kids and teachers all came to school dressed in pink. As [

Daddy Comes to School

MySchool, the premium preschool in Lucknow, believes in going beyond just academics and actively involving every aspect of the lives of its students in the process of their growth. Hence, the Daddy Comes to School day was held on the 15th of September,the fathers were invited by the children with a