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MySchool Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents play an important role in their grandchildren’s life. In the early years of their life, grandchildren receive a bounty of love and pampering from their grandparents. To strengthen this bond of love, we organized a fun-filled day for grandparents and grandchildren. We created a warm co

Teaching, an Art Form

Preschool teaching is no less than an art form. At MySchool, we have mastered this art. Our teachers are forging ahead with a positive intent to guide our curious bunch & teaching them the basic skills of life. For, we know that every child is special and our endeavour lies in enabling them to

My Big Day

It was a momentous occasion for MySchool as we celebrated a beautiful journey with children. Well, it was that time of the year where we bid goodbye to our preschool children as they embark on a new adventure. MY BIG DAY event on March 15, 2018 witnessed glimpses of a glorious journey where children

The Innocence of Colours

MySchool has always upheld the values of curiosity and artistic instinct. We believe that colour and expression is the gateway to creativity. In January 2018, we had the wonderful opportunity to associate with the Colorothon Season 9, a nation-wide initiative that aims at bringing art and imaginatio

Pink Day at MySchool

At MySchool, we believe in getting creative with our lessons, to make learning as fun and interactive for our little ones as possible. On the 27th of October, we organised Pink Day, a day dedicated to the lovely colour pink. On this day, the kids and teachers all came to school dressed in pink. As [