On the year of its inception, MySchool held the much awaited Independence Day celebrations with a loving twist. On August 18, 2017, the students at MySchool invited their grandparents to the celebrations at the school. MySchool spent the day commemorating those that have seen our great nation grow and prosper over the past 70 years. Diya Badgel(Principal, MySchool) said that the underlying idea behind the event was to celebrate love as “the greatest gift one generation can give another.”

The celebrations began with a lovely song for all the grandparents. The students sweetly sang about their love for their grandparents:

“I love somebody,

Can you guess who?

Grandma darling, I love you!”

The grandparents then sportingly joined them onstage for head-shoulders dancing and the children dancing on their grandparents’ knees and toes.

This was followed by a few activities around the theme of independence. Our little Stsh and Anvit teamed up to   speak about the significance of the Tricolour and all our national symbols while the other paraded about with pictures of the symbols. A dance, as uncoordinated and adorable as toddlers could be, was performed to the song Jai Ho, as a tribute to our motherland and the spirit of patriotism.

Next, it was time for fun and games. The teachers, students, and grandparents got together for the frolicking and were having such a good time that it was difficult to settle everyone down for the highlight of the day, “The Ramp Walk”.

Mrs. Kamal Hussain with grandson Ayaz Hussain

Mrs. Kamal Hussain with grandson Ayaz Hussain

For the finale, we had each child walk down the ramp with their grandmother and/or grandfather and present them with a planted sapling to symbolize their own growth along with a cute little poem and a little craftwork made by them. The grandparents were more than touched and accepted their children’s gifts graciously, even appreciating how lovely it was to see their grandchildren learn and grow.

Mrs. Neelam Kohli, the grandmother of Amaira Kohli, said that MySchool is the most wonderful thing to have happened to Lucknow and a Godsend opportunity for Amaira. She appreciated all the effort put in by MySchool in the day’s events.

Satvik Jain’s grandmother Mrs. Amita Jain said, “I am happily surprised to see how Satvik loves coming to school from the very first day. Every day he learns new activities and really loves his ma’am. MySchool makes a very good effort.”

While appreciating the day’s programme, Aadvik Singhal’s grandmother, Deepa Singhal beautifully noted that My School means mera school, and that MySchool fully serves its purpose. She said that Aadvik enjoys himself at school and also learnsa lot of new things, and there has been a huge improvement in his vocabulary.

The media channels too took note of the loving and joyous vibe at MySchool and arrived at the scene to cover the event.

Media coverage in Hindustan Times Lucknow, 21st August’17.

Media coverage in Hindustan Times Lucknow, 21st August’17.

After a quick round of refreshments and chit chat with the teachers and other guests were much appreciation was heard of the efforts put in by the MySchool, the grandparents departed with their grandchildren, to spend the rest of the day with a renewed bond and a happy heart.

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