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As a working parent, at some point you will face the inevitable question of who to entrust with the care of your toddler. Many parents resort to daycare schools, which are arguably considered the best option in such a situation. However, today there are various daycare schools out there to choose from. Young parents find themselves at sea trying to find the right one for their children. Some parameters should always be kept in mind when considering a daycare school for your little one.

Firstly, the staff should be responsible and attentive. It is best to try and take a peek at how the daycare school teachers are interacting with their students, during your walk through the daycare school. Ideally, the staff should be talking to the children at their own level, kneeling down to them or playing on the floor with them. Children at that age tend to learn by imitating authority figures, including teachers. A nurturing relationship with the staff will take the children a long way.

Secondly, it is best to ask for measured results from your daycare school, because children need routine and predictability. Find out from staff and other parents how a day at the daycare school goes and how much your child will know and be skilled at by the end of each year. Keep a track of your child every day by watching and interacting with him/her to make sure the daycare school is a worthy investment. If there ever is a problem regarding the daycare school in any way, it is best to address it as soon as possible. Children at that age are susceptible to external stimuli and the longer you delay the negative incidences the deeper the impact will be on your child.

Thirdly, keep in touch with teachers. Even while your child is attending the daycare school, at least until the time he or she is not until to speak to themselves, it is important to pay close attention to your teacher’s reports, and child’s behaviour. It is even recommended to drop in unannounced every once in a while to get an honest idea of the goings-on at the daycare school.

Lastly, do not be afraid of change. If your child’s daycare school is not benefitting him or her, it is best to shift your child to another, better place. Your child will be mildly effected by the change, especially the loss of his/her new friends but it will be less than the damage an ineffective or negligent daycare school has on him. Speak to your child and ease him/her into the new situation by making her understand as best you can about why it is important.

Daycare schools can make or break your child, teaching them confidence, morality, independence and social skills. However, a negligent daycare school can have the reverse and often permanent effect, leading to an uncertain, reclusive, anxious child. Taking the time out to select the right daycare school in an informed, thoughtful manner based on data and proof, without simply relying on heavy words and empty promises.

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