MySchool’s idea of early childhood learning has been shaped by the sharp sense of curiosity, wonder and exploration that childhood fosters. Children’s intellectual and emotional growth, and their patterns and behaviour of intrinsic learning, as individuals and as groups, have been areas of research and study for a long time. The way children construct knowledge and make meaning out of their day-to-day experiences in favourable, as well as disconcerting environments, have led to the development and practice of many pedagogies across the world. While underlining the utmost significance of arranging experiences and enabling environments for learning, almost all of the approaches are unequivocal about focusing and facilitate learning around respective individual capacities, pace of learning and interest area of every child.

MySchool aspires to take this holistic approach to the next level where we utilize the proven concepts and practices from the most trusted and successful pedagogies pursued across the world. At MySchool, the curriculum for early childhood learning has been developed as an assimilation of the best practices of Montessori, Play Way, Reggio Emilia, etc. The progressive, outward-looking and customised curriculum intends to facilitate an exciting environment for the emotional, physical and intellectual development of our young ones.

The curriculum creates an environment for the mentors, care-givers, educators and practitioners for an open-ended and deeply motivated engagement with the art and science of early childhood development and learning. The MySchool curriculum outlines a methodology that encourages innovation and improvisation, provides stimulation and let the mentors tune into the children’s world with ease and comfort.

Hands-on activities, outdoor play and fun, music, sports, story-telling and arts & craft have been designed to include communication and language skills, along with early literacy and numeracy skills.

There is a dedicated focus on children with special needs with a customised Individual Activity Plan (IAP) for each child. Special teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, child development experts and child psychologists come together for a collaborative effort to assist the child and the parents to make learning a joyous experience, while addressing the developmental subjects with the children with special needs.