MySchool, the premium preschool in Lucknow, believes in going beyond just academics and actively involving every aspect of the lives of its students in the process of their growth. Hence, the Daddy Comes to School day was held on the 15th of September,the fathers were invited by the children with a card they prepared that stated that every man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD.

In preparation, all the children participated in decorating the campus, they even helped in setting up a photo booth in the theme of their favorite superheroes. All dads were more than happy to pose with the props and get clicked with their darling children.

The event began with a welcome song and dance, where the daddies also sportingly joined in. The boys performed on the popular song Papa Kehte Hain while the girls presented Papa ki Pari Hoon Main, using dance and music to show their love and appreciation for their fathers.

The no-fire cooking activity held next, really brought the children together with their dads, as they decorated and enjoyed cookies,and made bhelpuri and sandwiches.

The highlight of the day was the question-answer round for the daddies, with questions like, “Tell us somesecretive things that you’ve done with your child.”“What is the best thing you love about your child?”, “What do you want your child to grow up to be?” and even lighthearted ones like “Did you ever babysit your child?” and “Have you ever changed your child’s diaper?”. The fathers really got into the groove, coming up with answers that were sometimes moving, and other times funny, but interesting nevertheless, which really gave us a glimpse into the world of a dad.

The Daddy Comes to School event was a grand success, with the fathers and their children bonding during the activities. The fathers were presented with a take away prepared their children with a heartwarming message. Everyone left feeling joyful and enriched, and appreciated the efforts made by MySchool.

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