MySchool has always believed in spreading the spirit of community living, brotherhood and harmony in its philosophy. We believe that children should always be curious to explore newer ways to selflessly serve the society in more ways than one. In February 2018, we had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Community Helpers Day at school.


An initiative aimed at familiarizing kids with professions that are important for the community to prosper, grow and flourish. The children were excited as ever as they were told to dress up as anyone who helps us build this community and enables us to thrive in it.


The overwhelming response was heartening to experience as kids and teachers came dressed as lawyers, doctors, chef, policewomen and a host of other professions. School Didis were also a sport as they came dressed as vegetable vendors and sold vegetables to kids.


The atmosphere was playful as the learning environment enabled children to speak their mind without any inhibitions. Children freely spoke about the characters they were enacting and how that particular profession was helping the community.


The participation of kids and teachers was indeed inspiring as the true spirit of community living was unleashed with full fervour. Overall, the day was a huge success and helped strengthen our belief in our philosophy of raising creative, confident and curious minds.

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