Experiential learning activities, the method of teaching that is practice-based rather than theory-based, is being talked about by educators globally and from diverse fields. Perhaps, the merits of the same are most evident by the fact that preschools everywhere largely rely upon this method to instill knowledge and curiosity in their young students, and it has been observed that children who have attended preschool display a higher IQ in later years as opposed to those who do not.

MySchool, an enterprising new preschool in Lucknow by the Shri Ram Group, stands by experiential learning activities as the very best way to enlighten young minds. The curriculum revolves around age-appropriate play and interactive experiential learning activities designed to build a strong foundation for future learning.

First off, the curriculum is divided on the basis of age group into four categories, the Little Seedlings (18 – 24 months), Curious Saplings (2 – 2.5 years), Perky Buds (2.5 to 3.5 years) and Bright Blossoms (3.5 to 4.5 years). The progression of the preschool education goes from holding sessions along with the parents, to gradually phase the child out of his or her dependency on them, to introducing the basics of the subjects they will explore further in later schooling.

The experiential learning activities themselves can be considered under six broad categories. There are the choice time activities, which give children the freedom to explore their interests in their own way and engage in any experiential learning activity they may like, under supervision. This forms the core of a day at MySchool and the school has, in fact, ensured that every corner of the campus in covered in some picture/ game/ activity etc. that can draw a child’s attention and help him or her learn.

The next experiential learning activity is hands-on learning, the most common but effective method, where children are allowed to develop their mental as well as fine motor skills, by engaging hands-on with various objects and materials.

Integrated learning is a very interesting experiential learning activity held at MySchool where the children are made to better understand concepts by linking them with art, drama, dance etc. This brings the subject matter alive for young children and is used to connect various ideas together into one interactive platform.

Communication skills are one of the most important things to be taught to a preschooler, as this is the age when a child’s language and vocabulary learning abilities are at  the highest they will ever be in their lives. MySchool using the experiential learning activities of public speaking forums, articulating thoughts etc. to encourage speaking and listening skills as well as pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

The earliest seeds of critical and analytical thinking are also sown at this age with experiential learning activitiesinvolving numeric and reasoning methods. Children are taught how to sequence and contrast, recognize shapes, sizes and colors etc.

Lastly, the teachers at MySchool consider it their utmost duty to instill the right values into children at that tender age by way of experiential learning activities. The children are taught to be patient, compassionate and confident. They are made to interact with others from different cultures and backgrounds to make them open-minded and sensitive to differences. They are made to spend a large amount of time outdoors and even taken on field trips and excursions, to help them appreciate nature and learn from the world outside.

Experiential learning activities in preschools are the cornerstone to not only a well-educated by right-thinking individual. This small step taken by MySchool bodes well not only for the future of your child but also of humanity as a whole.

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