Story telling is the easiest and most effective way of teaching toddlers. It teaches them simple moral lessons, lends context to academic curriculum and lets their imagination soar.

At MySchool, we conducted a special kind of story time, with the spice of drama added to it. The activity started with a sweet little prayer, sung by all the children together. The story selected was the famous tale of The Ant and The Grasshopper, where the hardworking ant is initially scoffed by the lazy grasshopper but eventually comes out on top, as he has enough food for the harsh winter, while the grasshopper starves. Our two lively, talented teachers enacted the ant and the grasshopper, and the children listened and watched attentively, laughed along and learnt the lifelong lesson that hard work always pays off.

Each day is a learning adventure at MySchool. This was simply another day at myschool, where learning is given a fun twist.

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