It’s time for Diwali again, the festival celebrated with the most pomp and splendour across the nation. At MySchool, we decided to celebrate with our children to make sure our rich traditions are continued in the right spirit.

On the 16th of October, we asked all the children, as well as the staff members, to come to school in traditional Indianwear. The boys and girls of MySchool looked adorable in their smart little kurta-pyjamas and lehengas.

The children all participated in decorating the school in the traditional way for Diwali, with flowers, lights and creative craftworkmade by the children themselves. The preparations had, in fact, began a week before the event, with the children making paper rockets, diyas, paper lanternsand other goodies from scratch with their own little hands, learning some dexterous art by way of celebrating the festive spirit.

The teachers sat with the students and told them all about Diwali, so they know the significance of the festivities. Each aspect of the celebrations was explained, and they even delved into Hindu mythology and the story of how this is a continued celebration from Dussehra. They were also instructed that on Diwali, everyone celebrates together, making sweets, dressing up and lighting up the house with pretty diyas and visiting each other’s homes with gifts. However, in today’s time, it is not advised to celebrate with fireworks since it causes noise and air pollution.

Diwali is a festival that is to be celebrated with as many friends and family as possible. MySchool make sure to let the light of the Lord into their school premises for the future of their children.

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