The hard work and dedication of the team at MySchool is evident in the ways, big and small, that we see our toddlers growing and learning. One such moment of pride came recently, and that too from our Little Seedlings, who are not even 2 years old.


When the academic year at MySchool began, the students of this age group could not eat by themselves and were still being fed by their parents at home. We took it upon ourselves to wean them of this habit. Over time, we taught them how to serve themselves, eat with their hands and use spoons, forks etc. without spilling food. They were also introduced to proper dining etiquette. Moral and hygiene lessons such as washing their hands before every meal, sharing their food with each other and never wasting food were also addressed.


The teaching methods employed for this were largely role play and the involvement of the parents, especially the others. The success of this whole initiative is measurable by the fact that the Little Seedlings can now eat by themselves and are very happy with the new-found sense of independence and confidence.

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