Cinema has become a separate form of art, as inspiring and diverse as any. Like any other form of art, the viewing of movies also comes with its on set of guidelines and etiquettes, to ensure a satisfactory and enriching viewing experience for you as well as others. However, since this is a fairly new form of art, these etiquettes are not taught in schools as yet. MySchool decided to take an initiative in this direction.

On a summer afternoon, the children at MySchool all gathered in the audio-visual room for movie time. Along with all the whimsical fun and moral lessons of the movie Bal Ganesh, they were also taught in detail about the dos and don’ts of movie viewing. They were each given a ticket, while a teacher played the ticket collector.






They were instructed not to talk or laugh loudly during the movie, as this disturbs the others. While serving them pop corns, everyone’s favourite movie snack, they also learnt to keep their surroundings clean. Lastly, they were informed that, for adults, even talking on or otherwise using the phones is not allowed.






Teaching through experience is at the core of the MySchool philosophy. Whether it is academic lessons or morals and etiquettes, we take care of teaching our children in a way that the children make these their lifelong habits.


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