Every great accomplishment begins with someone who took the initiative to try. Following
the same, MySchool undertook The Parent Company, a forum where experts and parents get
together to make parenting a more productive and effective endeavour. The second session of
The Parent Company addressed the topic of The Formative Years: Family – the First School
and Early Childhood Learning.

The session took off with our respected teachers, Ms. Saral Bhasin and Ms. Namrata Mandhyan sharing their experiences around learning at home and in school, and how one must compliment the other in giving the child a nurturing and wholesome learning experience.

The expert speaker panel included renowned educationist and career consultant, Dr. Amrita
Das who, amongst other things, enlightened the parents about the app Net Nanny, a
wonderful global initiative which is helping millions of parents monitor and control their
child's online activity. She also requested the parents to not be gender-biased in their
upbringing as this limits the child’s thinking. For example, it is acceptable and encouraged
for a girl to play with cars and a boy to indulge in dolls.

Our next speaker was Dr. Pooja Shivam Jaitly, an acclaimed child psychologist, who shared her views on parenting, stating that there is no good or bad parenting, rather competent and incompetent parenting. She disclosed the secret of parenting, that is Firmness, Fairness and Friendliness, which is the key to competent parenting.

Professor (Dr.) Manju Agrawal, Director Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences
took up the topic of discipline, explaining the pros and cons of various kinds of punishment
and that a child should be respected by parents if they wish to earn his or her respect. She also
said that emotional health of a child is crucial, as important as his or her physical and mental

The entire session was moderated by Ms. Diya Badgel, Principal, MySchool. She said that
she was glad to see the positive involvement and attentiveness of the audience. The people
present there lauded this new approach to parenting as well. Dr. Nikhil Garg, Director,
MySchool said This is an intensive discussion about dealing with the nitty gritties of our tiny

MySchool will continue to redefine parenting with more sessions under The Parent Company
– Season 1.

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