At MySchool, we believe in getting creative with our lessons, to make learning as fun and interactive for our little ones as possible. On the 27th of October, we organised Pink Day, a day dedicated to the lovely colour pink.

On this day, the kids and teachers all came to school dressed in pink. As usual, the day started with an interactive storytelling session for all the kids together. The story was about a pink bunny, flamingo and piggy who were all getting ready for the piggy’s birthday party. The birthday piggy wore a special pink cap, and they all combed their hair with a pink comb, used a pink deodorant andadorned themselves with pink bangles. They had a great party, played games and frolicked together!

After this, the classes separated as all the kids went on to do their own arts ‘n’ craft activity. Our adorable Little Seedlings used the day to play in the sandpit and use their arms and legs to draw and understand the circle shape.

Each day at MySchool is a day to remember. After all, if the children make memories, they will also remember the lessons they were taught!

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