Preschool English Learning

India is renowned as a multicultural, multilingual nation, with a majority of the population speaking two to three languages fluently. This knowledge has been passed from one generation to another, without much thought given to the process. However, with the advent of preschools in India, it is being noted that preschoolers have an innate ability to grasp any number of languages that they are exposed to. Preschools in India recognize this and have tried to integrate this into their preschool activities.

Children usually learn Hindi and their regional languages at home. This is considered the best treatment of the subject since it is easiest to teach a subject not by setting aside a structured curriculum for it but by implementing it into their daily lives. However, since English is not our native language and not widely spoken domestically but is inarguably crucial for your child’s future, it is focused upon in preschool activities.

Preschoolers (age 2 – 5) cannot be taught English in the traditional fashion, with books and pencils. They need to engage their senses to understand and assimilate the knowledge. Children are thus taught English using preschool activities involving the English alphabet and phonetics. The alphabet is taught using large toys that help the child understand the shape and symbol of a particular letter. Hearing and sounds play a major role in learning English. The preschool activities involve songs, stories and other interactive medium to help the child understand the crux of the language, the sound.

Children also participate in the preschool activity of interacting with each other. They are made to speak to each other, listen to each other and speak in public. This not only helps build language and vocabulary but also confidence. Children also learn social skills and empathy, being exposed to children from other cultures and backgrounds.

Language experts claim that the best way to teach a language is usage and repetition. Young children are quick at picking up new words and sounds, even in foreign languages. A major preschool activity in English learning is not a preschool activity at all, but rather the fact that the teachers and staff at preschools only speak in English to the students, in the classroom, during play time, on the grounds and fields etc., thus normalizing the usage of the subject and compelling children to increase their proficiency in the subject.

By the time your child enters regular school, he or she will already have a healthy vocabulary in English and will be able to articulate and answer small questions. Preschool activities go a long way in not only teaching your child the English language but also instilling a love for reading, writing and speaking English.

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