At MySchool, we look at our children as strong and independent citizens of tomorrow and we consider it our duty to prepare them for this. Needless to say, an important step to achieve this is teaching them personal safety. This week, we took up Road Safety with our dear toddlers.


The focus of the activity was laid on traffic signals. The children were taught about the traffic lights, colours and their meaning, traffic signs and symbols and the significance of zebra crossings. With this fun activity, they learned about crucial road etiquettes and safety lessons such as looking left then right and always holding their parents’ or caretaker’s hand while crossing the road.


The highlight of the day was our interactive role play activity, where one child played the part of a traffic light giving the traffic signal with a colorful hand-made paper, while the rest of the children got onto their bicycles and followed the traffic signals. Children took turns to play pedestrians, riders and traffic signals. All our little children participated in this role play and learnt about the dos and don’ts of road safety.

Thus, like every day at MySchool, the children had a gala time and learnt an important lesson as well.

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