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Summer camps are the best memory for a child of any age.

A place where children discover their lifelong passions and make lifelong friends.

The idea of a summer camp is rooted in utilizing the summer vacation days productively, while remembering that this is, after all, the much needed time a child has to relax, enjoy himself or herself and make new friends.

Experts have pointed out that the biggest advantage of sending your child to summer camp is that as it is their first time away from home, they learn confidence and independence in a safe environment, as well as how to interact with peers of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. Children who go to summer camps have proven to adjust better into adult life later.

Summer camp is, indeed, the edge every child deserves.

This year, MySchool, the best preschool in Lucknow, is bringing to you My Summer Flight, a summer camp that promises to give your child all the advantages described above and more. My Summer Flight will be taking place daily from 8th to 25th May, 4 pm to 7 pm, on the MySchool campus, Wazir Hasan Road, Lucknow. The grand finale will be on the 26th, 27th and 28th of May. Children of age groups 2 – 14 are welcome, and the fees are a nominal Rs. 6000.

summer camp activities

My Summer Flight is set apart from other summer camps in India by the unique manner in which the entire affair is conducted. Not only is there an ideal mix of fun and learning, the learning is not led by primary and secondary school teachers, but by actual industry experts from various fields. These experts are not only proficient in their own art, such as writing, dancing, sports etc. but also are experienced teachers, with the knowledge of how to effectively convey their message to children of any age.

Our partners

These experts include Renaissance Hotel, Cappuccino Blast and Buttercup Bungalow for cooking, baking and hospitality respectively, Spin and Dance and The Ballet for dance classes, Wellness Power Yoga for yoga classes, National Spell Bee Wiz for word skills and ACTORS for drama classes!

summer camp programme

The camp is well thought out from an academic perspective. The programme is divided into three sets by age-group: The SuperBunnies (2 – 4 year olds), the SuperKids (5 – 8 year olds) and the SuperTweens (9 – 14 year olds). The activities are chosen to be appropriate for each of the various age-groups.

little SuperBunnies

The little SuperBunnies will be taught story-telling, arts and craft, yoga, fancy dress, water games, magic, dancing and outdoor games.


The SuperKids will be taught word games, arts and craft, dance, water games, knitting, baking and outdoor games.


The SuperTweens will be taught word games, painting, camping, cooking, rain dance, taekwondo, drama, etiquette and more!

Beyond this, it is noteworthy that the children will be well taken care of. Security at the MySchool is fool proof, with security cameras installed everywhere, leaving no blind spots. Hygiene standards are up to the mark in the kitchens, bathrooms etc. and the staff is trained in handling the toilet habits of even two-year-olds without toilet training. All the amenities required for the event are provided within the campus and the children are kept under constant vigilance.

My Summer Flight is giving children everywhere the perfect opportunity to nurture their skills and grow the wings that will one day help them fly high.

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