MySchool has always upheld the values of curiosity and artistic instinct. We believe that colour and expression is the gateway to creativity.

In January 2018, we had the wonderful opportunity to associate with the Colorothon Season 9, a nation-wide initiative that aims at bringing art and imagination back into the lives of the people. MySchool created a space with walls that could be painted at Lucknow chapter of theevent, which took place in Lohia Park. The main idea was to give, everyone that dream wall, which they wanted to paint in their childhood but was not allowed to do so.

The idea was that we wanted everyone who visited our booth to let go of any inhibitions and bring out the child within, no matter what age they are. The best way to do that would be to let them paint the walls in any way they liked. Kids, parents and even grandparents flocked to our booth to contribute their bit. Some wrote messages, some drew shapes and scribbles and some simply splashed the walls with paint. The highlight of the day was when the Radio Mirchi team came to visit and painted our walls. Many adults were seen drawing the colourful scenery that we have all drawn as children, which is proof of the fact that there is a child and an artist inside all of us, just waiting for release.


Overall, the day was a huge success and helped strengthen our belief in our philosophy of raising creative, confident and curious kids.

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