MySchool is Lucknow’s premium and award-winning preschool providing an activity-based learning environment for children from 18 months to 4 years of age. It also offers the services of a daycare center, along with reliable transport facilities. Housing a nurturing environment with a welcoming aura, MySchool has everything in place to enable your little one bloom both physically and mentally. Our infrastructure is especially designed to give toddlers ample space to move, explore and satiate their curiosity.

All of it, backed by thoughtful planning, proven work methods and globally acclaimed pedagogy, is what makes MySchool a premium and one of the most sought-after preschools in Lucknow. Situated away from the city chaos, MySchool is a haven in nature’s lap. Our teachers and staff members come with decades of experience from prestigious preschools and provide children with the best care and personalized attention.

We invite you to visit MySchool, explore the environment and witness the process that will pave the road for your child’s overall development and future success.

Why MySchool

A winner of numerous prestigious awards, MySchool is among the best preschool in India. It is one of the few preschools focusing on the overall development of children. Along with the best curriculum for beginners, we give intense focus to extracurricular activities and shape children for the journey ahead.

The MySchool Advantage

  • Preschool with complete daycare
  • International class infrastructure
  • Experienced teachers and staff
  • Home-like safe environment
  • Transport with GPS tracker
  • Live CCTV feed
  • Nutritious food
  • Physical and mental activities for learning
  • Hobby Boot Camp with dance, yoga, martial arts, drams, etc. training

Give your child the MySchool advantage today to set her/him on the course of tomorrow’s success.

My School - Celebrates Labour Day