Choosing a preschool that is best for your kid can be just as exciting as it is overwhelming.  As a parent, you should be completely confident about the preschool, where your kid is going to develop their initial social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children.  Preschool offers many benefits. It can be a great place for kids to interact with peers and learn valuable life lessons such as how to share, take turns and follow the rules. Always inquire about realistic subjects first. When visiting preschools, evaluate issues specific to your family, these consist of the school hours, proximity to your home or work, after-hours alternatives, cost, class size, and staff/child ratio.

For many parents, getting admission in a school with world-class facilities with transportation services is paramount – in any case, passing out from a well-established school is a price ticket to future success. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a preschool: 

1. Security and Safety

When it comes to our children, their safety is our priority. As a parent, your first order of business is to ensure that your child’s potential preschool has a strict security system in place.

  • Do they have a security guard who’s experienced and capable?
  • Is everybody free to go into the campus as they wish? How do they deal with the entry and exit of delivery boys, trash collectors, etc?
  • What are the credentials of the support staff?
  • Are there precise guidelines for pickup and drop off?
  • Ask if the building has a fire exit and if there are fire extinguishers at hand.
  • The toys must be free from lead paint and choking hazards.
  • What exactly is their playground system; is it age-suitable and well-maintained?
  • Every playschool, no matter how small, should have a well-stocked first-aid kit.

MySchool takes care of your child’s movement from one place to another with ‘Careful Transition Tracking’ surveillance method. We also have 80 CCTV cameras with live CCTV feed and no blind spot. This allows constant supervision of your kid’s whereabouts. Our front desk is well-equipped with computerised check-in to meet necessary security measures for children.

  1. Health and Hygiene

Young kids are prone to infections more easily than older ones and are exposed to a host of germs in surroundings different from home (where they are safe and protected). While it can’t be avoided completely and is even suggested to build their natural immunity, the preschool ought to comply with fundamental cleanliness. A look at the toilets and the kitchen will give a better idea of the school’s standards.

  • How often do they clean the premises?
  • Where does the trash go?
  • How are potty incidents taken care of?

MySchool facilitates your kid with healthy meals prepared under the supervision of our professional nutritionist. Toys, baby furniture, changing and nursing areas, etc.are weekly sanitised; the disinfection of all indoor and outdoor spaces is carried out regularly to create a germ-free and insect-free environment for your child.

  1. Location and Hours 

It’s possible that in case of emergency your toddler at school may need to be picked up any time. The location is a great deal to keep in mind while deciding on a preschool. 

Will it be near your home or your workplace?  

A preschool that’s far away can even entail extra hassles for you, while too much of journey time may additionally make the child hungry and cranky by the time he or she gets home. You also need to find out the working hours of the school – which is crucial if both parents are working.

Located in a premium residential area in the heart of the city,  MySchool is located within easy distance of all the prime localities in the city.

4. Preschool Philosophy

You need to see whether or not the preschool gives opportunities for active play. Physical activity is essential for your child to develop fine motor skills. It even promotes the health and well-being of your little one.

Another factor that you need to consider is the teaching philosophy. Kids are supposed to be taught using diverse modes from verbal dictation to practical demonstration; all this contributes to developing the learning skills of your child. You need to recognize what lesson plans and teaching techniques the school plans to execute and how.

At MySchool, kids are encouraged to indulge in hands-on activities which help them to develop fine motor skills. The aptitude children acquire during the preschool years, such as basic fundamental abilities, the social and emotional skills that they pick up, etc.all propel them towards future success.

5. Check the Experience and Educational Background of the Staff

You need to make sure that your toddler is going to be taught by well-qualified teachers who are specialists in their field. Knowing about the qualification of teachers and staff is very important. See to it that the teachers are well-skilled in teaching preschoolers. And if they create some fun alongside, that’s even better. 

Training workshops are designed to provide preschool teachers with interactive and innovative ways to inculcate learning by providing them with the information, expertise and methodologies required to transform children into leaders.

At MySchool, we believe in staying ahead of the learning curve, that’s why we were facilitated as the Emerging Standalone Preschool at the 14th World Education Summit 2019.

6. Vision and Philosophy

A preschool’s vision and philosophy are equally important when it comes to making the right choice for your child. 

Quite a lot of research corroborates that the skills one picks up during preschool years- like critical life skills, good habits, one’s attitude towards life etc.- are helpful throughout one’s life. Its has also been said that children who have been to a good preschool perform better in later life.  

At MySchool, we aim to become a place of joyful learning and happiness that inspires our children to develop a mind of their own.

We consider it our responsibility to give the right start from the very beginning to each of our children. This is our guiding principle in all our actions.

7. Caretakers and Their Attitude

Young kids need a lot of supervision and maximum help for their fundamental needs. A good caretaker to student ratio ensures that your children get the special care and attention that they need during their early formative years. 

Get to know approximately how many caretakers and staff are assigned to every class. The number of caretakers or ‘ayahs’ is possibly to be extra crucial than the number of teachers due to the fact they’re expected to be geared up for motion in case of any trouble.

The replacement of your kid’s primary caretaker has to be satisfactory as he is going to be away from you for the first time.

  • How is the staff able to deal with the initial phasing-in stage?
  • What kind of disciplinary guidelines do they follow?
  • Are teachers and staff confident and pleasant?

At MySchool, we maintain an optimum female caretaker to student ratio of 1: 12 to make sure that every child’s needs are taken care of properly. Our English-speaking caretakers are also properly trained and groomed via special workshops to handle toddlers and maintain strict hygiene.  

8. Does the school address your child’s needs?

Kids entering preschool have a wide scope of development. Some are potty-trained, others are not. Some experience difficulty isolating from their folks, while others find it easy to develop an independent attitude. Some still take every day rests, daily naps and some needn’t bother with one. Discover how the school staff manages these essential needs and then make a decision if the arrangements will work for your child. Make sure if these elements fit well with your child’s needs. 

At MySchool we plan your child’s day in a detailed manner and ensures to cover all areas of their learning and development with mealtime, nap time, snack time, and play & activity time. Also, we have child rise bathrooms to train children in bathroom etiquette. 

9. Environment

Your child needs to be comfortable while they are developing their initial social and emotional skills. Being a parent you need to be sure if the potential preschool has adequately sized rooms for the number of kids there. 

MySchool believes in creating classrooms filled with fun and joyfulness. It is the way through which your child learns everything from self-control to math to vocabulary. We make them feel like it’s a space that belongs to them. 

  • Our infrastructure adheres to International Standards, we fulfil all LEEDS parameters.
  • Every classroom is a smart class, connected to our in-house cloud-based server. 
  • We have four additional rooms dedicated completely to activities namely music, dance, crafts and extra-curricular activities.
  • We have an outdoor and an indoor amphitheatre, a treehouse, an outdoor and an indoor storytelling area, a ball pool, a splash pool and a sandpit. 

Our building is built on the BaLa concept, that is Building as a Learning aid. Its spaces have been decorated and furnished in a way so as to provide a wide-ranging stimulus to children to explore and learn through play. 

10. Parents’ Feedback 

The excellent recommendation to be given from fellow parents. Talk to parents who are already sending their little ones to the preschool – they’re the best source to get honest feedback about the school. You need to talk to several parents and listen to their stories to get a complete picture.

At MySchool, we make sure that your child is happy, safe, and attains maximum growth in a safe and nurturing environment.

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