Our Team

MySchool has been a labour of love for the individuals who sowed this seed and feature given shape to this endeavour of creating blissful reviews and studying for our children.
MySchool blessings and draws from a richly experienced and wondering team of people from numerous spheres of lifestyles with concurrent views on early life gaining knowledge of, and childhood in a standard.

Executive Council
  • Dr. Amrita Das
  • Dr. Nishi Pandey
  • Mr. Carlyle McFarland
  • Dr. Mala Mehra
  • Dr. Vinay Kumar Garg
  • Ms. Meenakshi Khetrepal
  • Mrs. Meenakshi Pahwa
  • Dr. Nikhil Garg
Director’s message

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead.

This very concept gave delivery to the concept of educating the younger. The belief that each child is a man or woman and his/her learning talents are one of a kind is the inspiration of our technique to teaching. The very call “MySchool” was coined in order that every toddler receives a sense of belonging and feels special and cared for. The school, founded in 2016, was founded with the notion of presenting very individualistic, international well-known excellent training with the assist of par excellence infrastructure built to the latest worldwide norms. the faculties curriculum is an amalgamation of great practices of the 3 framed strategies- Play way, Montessori and Regio Emilia which has been drafted and perfected at the arms of Shri Educare confined who’s our technical aid companions. The school is in academic collaboration with Shri Educare confined bringing you the quality training practices, teaching-studying technique and values of the “The Shri Ram faculty, Delhi & Gurgaon.

The infrastructure is built consistent with international class standards following all WHO standards on the area and herbal mild with plenty of Lucknow’s firsts. Aiming to be Lucknow’s first inexperienced play school infrastructure built on a place of 10500 square ft inside the coronary heart of the metropolis with plenty of gardens and play location around it.

The complete intention is to make studying a laugh once more, in which every pupil feels glad and safe, wherein thoughts and ideas are given flight, and the proper basis is laid for future endeavours in life within the ever-changing international.


Administrator at Garg Ophthalmic Centre

Principal’s message

Let me introduce the MySchool to you. Picture a beautiful place where your child’s immediate surroundings are a novel opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

Here at this school, each child is ‘work in progress’ and commands special care and attention.

It is our pride that we have an accepting, all-encompassing and an extremelynurturingset-up, where a child’s innate curiosity to understand things is carefully transformed into knowledge.

My team of skilled early years practitioners invent and reinvent effective learning practices catering to the developmental requirements of the critical Early Years. Simultaneously they promote the uniqueness each child has within.

The core early-learning areas of our curriculum are creative development and cognitive development; achieved through communication, language and literacy, personal, social and emotional development, mathematical development and physical development.

Our underpinning value is to encourage each child to become a confident human – capable of making decisions, conscious of choices, owner of actions and a believer in kindness for all.

On behalf of the entire team, I welcome you to the wonderful world of MySchool.

Ms. Jasica Massey