Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is a day care different from a preschool?

A preschool is a necessary environment for your child’s next stage of learning and growing with structured and supervised learning and play experiences. Focus is on conceptual development at various levels making the child aware and comfortable with the new knowledge and information the child comes across and assimilates every day.

Day care, on the other hand, is a warm and caring environment for basic primary care that includes food, rest and playful leisure activities. Any kind of academic or conceptual development is not part of the day care routine.

2. Should my child be toilet trained before she/he joins MySchool?

You need not to worry about your child being toilet trained before starting the preschool. Toilet training is part of the daily routine at MySchool for all the children. Children are taken to the toilets at fixed intervals, and gradually they get used to the pattern. We have observed and learnt that with time children start communicating on their own when and if they feel the need to go to the toilet.

3. Should I send my child to MySchool if she/he doesn’t speak yet?

We believe, as you know better being a parent, that children have many ways of expression, and that speech is one of those expressions. Children at every level of development of speech and communication ability are welcome at MySchool. We have activities focussed on helping the children to develop the communication capacity with peers and the care givers. We encourage them with various thoughtful, sensitive interventions.

4. What provisions and facilities does MySchool have for differently-abled children?

At MySchool, inclusion and respect for differences is an inherent part of our philosophy and culture. We are very proactive towards the interventions needed for, and take good care of the requirements of, children with different abilities. The approach is absolutely non-patronising, non-condescending with full belief in the innate capacities and independence of the children.

The building, outside play areas, all entry and exit points, staircases, lifts, corridors, toilets, furniture, seating arrangement, etc. have been designed with a deeply thoughtful and all-inclusive idea of making MySchool an equal experience for children of every ability and age-group.

The entire team at MySchool, from the managers, counsellors, to the educators and care givers, is well-trained in understanding the needs of differently-abled children and how best to assist them without making them feel dependant and/or vulnerable.

5. What are the key features of IAPs at MySchool for children with special needs?

Individual Action Plans (IAPs) are a key feature of MySchool curriculum for the children with special needs. An experienced team of special teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, child development experts and child psychologists are part of preparation of IAPs with their valuable inputs.

6. What are the first aid procedures in place at MySchool?

A well-equipped first-aid box is available at MySchool approved by a physician for all non-prescriptive children’s medicines to treat minor injuries, fever, cough, indigestion, cold and other minor health issues. We have a policy of administrating the medicine only on day one and then demand a prescription if the health issue persists the next day.

The list of non-prescriptive over the counter medicines is shared by the parents and their permission is sought for using any of those medicines in future. The caregivers are trained with basic first-aid training by authorised practitioners and organisations.

7. Is the MySchool building and outside areas under CCTV cover?

In our attempt to make MySchool a completely safe and secure place of joy and learning for the children, we have taken all necessary measures that includes installing CCTV cameras, obliterating any blind spots and mandatory training of academic and non-academic staff about child-safe practices.

8. What is the ratio of male to female caregivers at MySchool?

At MySchool, we maintain a team with majority of female staff. It is seen that all the caregivers who are in direct active touch with the children like educators, mentors, caregivers are only women, with a few male educators for sports and other outdoor activities.

9. Are school buses/vans fitted with speed regulating devices, GPS devices and cameras?

All school transport vehicles have GPS tracking device. There is a tracking app for parents to track the movement of the bus when your child is travelling.

10. Does a female caregiver/attendant accompany children in school transport?

A female caregiver is always on-board every school transport vehicle when picking-up or dropping-off children.