It takes more than just education to shape a child’s character. Taking a step forward in this direction and to teach the children the value of kindness, MySchool celebrated Daan Utsav: Joy of Giving Week from 27th September to 06th October, 2018. Believing in the fact that joy multiplies when shared, the event aimed to bring children and their parents together for a noble cause – to give underprivileged children a reason to smile.

While the event gave teachers, staff members and parents a platform to do something beneficial for the underprivileged, it also turned out to be a learning experience for children where they discovered the real joy of giving. They all opened their hearts and happily donated books, toys, clothes and food. To mark the occasion, a wish tree was also planted at the gate.

The donated goods were then taken to Gopalpur village and distributed amongst the underprivileged children who welcomed them with a smile on their face. The success of Daan Utsav is the collective outcome of school teachers, staff members, parents and children who will carry the beacon of hope for others and spread kindness wherever they go in life.

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