At MySchool, classrooms are an extension of the idea of play, with a large assortment of open-ended materials including musical instruments, puzzles, coloured papers, age-appropriate toys, games, books, etc.

The classrooms have been thought of, and designed, as an extension of a child’s home, inviting and encouraging elements and materials of familiarity and homeliness like family photos, favourite toys and books, and other articles which the child is attached with or relates to.



We believe in ‘Let’s have some fun out here in the sun’. And to live our belief, we have put together an outside environment with sand pit, kitchen garden, splash pool, play fields, and a traffic park. Outdoor activites, structured and supervised, form an integral component of the learning and development process of our children. The facilities ensure that our children have an abundance of opportunities to explore, gather, learn, and play.

MySchool outdoor playscapes are well stocked with tools and materials for all kinds of outdoor play and discovery, including:

  • Tools for digging, building, gathering and examining, such as trowels, shovels, buckets, sieves, wheel barrows, magnifying glasses, jars, spray bottles, etc.
  • Materials to inspire imaginative dramatic play, such as kitchen tools, dishes, dolls, dress-up clothes, small furniture, etc.
  • Open-ended materials to extend and facilitate imaginative play and all the natural materials found outside.
  • Various art materials including paints, brushes, crayons, glue, tape, yarn, scissors, clay.



Lucknow is a city of legends, a city that carries a rich heritage of culture, language, cuisine, literature, architecture and customs spanning centuries. The monuments, spread across the length and breadth of Lucknow’s landscape, have been sources of knowledge building for generations.

MySchool’s idea of growth, development and learning is indeed embedded with this rich history. In addition to this, we also take into account exposure to various landmark posts of urban life in a big city like Lucknow.

School arranges regular day-trips to these places of importance to familiarise the children with their immediate environment. And to create knowledge with these experiences. Following visits are arranged outside the school:

  • Zoo
  • Imam Bara
  • Clock Tower
  • Post office
  • History Walks
  • Social Walks
  • Farm Walks
  • Nature Walks



Preschool days is the most important phase for a child’s emotional development. It is when the child builds her confidence and self-esteem. The creative expression and imaginative interpretations are what we at MySchool rejoice in, and handhold our children to give way to their own distinctly individual expression. To this purpose, organising performances like story-telling sessions, story enactment shows, fancy dress shows, singing and recitation, and other age-appropriate performances, is a fundamental constituent of MySchool’s curriculum. Stage exposure bolsters children’s creative expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills – all of which can go a long way in empowering them.



Children move naturally. They move to achieve mobility, express a thought or feeling, and most importantly because it is joyful. MySchool puts an emphasis on introducing children to the world of dance and aerobics. Children get involved in dance and aerobics to boost their body strength, flexibility and confidence. It’s a great way to help them learn about body coordination and body awareness while spending quality time with their peers. It also infuses a sense of rhythm and co-ordination.



Children have natural affinity towards water. Most children love playing in water, drenched. Fun with water is also an important aspect of exploring this element. Their imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what all can they do with, and in, water. MySchool has many such interesting water activities planned for the children. One highlight is the rain dance. Rain dance is an exciting and enthralling activity for the children. Dressed in swimming costumes, our little ones swim and enjoy the time with their friends, making the most of the delightful experience. Drenched in water with their friends, it’s the perfect way to get relief from the scorching sun and connect with each other.