Following are the key areas around which MySchool curriculum has been designed:

Choice Time Activities

Choice time forms the core of the daily schedule at MySchool where children are free to move to any area to explore and do things as per their interest. Whether they want to look at picture books, storybooks, do drawing, play with blocks, puzzles or dough, etc. under adult supervision.

Hands-On Learning

Children are encouraged to undertake various hands-on activities using a variety of materials. This helps in the development of gross and fine motor skills through sensory and tactile experiences. As they say, children learn more by doing than reading or listening.

Integrated Learning

Learning becomes playful with the inter-linkage of concepts with art, music, dance, drama and physical activity. Emphasis is on making all concepts come together in strong relation to each other instead stand-alone disciplines.

Communication Skills

Children learn to engage effectively with others by listening and being listened to, articulating thoughts, building vocabulary with the aid of pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

Critical Thinking Skills

Children develop early numeracy and critical thinking by sequencing, recognising sizes, shapes, quantities, contrast, reasoning and other pre-math skills.

Awareness of Self and Environment

Children are initiated into the awareness of self, body and the environment around through activities. This helps in building consciousness and knowledge about one’s active and healthy body, and care of the environment.

Sensitivity, Respect and Compassion

MySchool curriculum keeps a keen focus on appreciating and encouraging compassion, respect and sensitivity among children while engaging with people with different abilities, cultures and communities.