Teachers are next to parents for very young children in those early years of development and learning. Teachers form endearing bonds with children with their warmth, reception, acknowledgment, understanding and encouragement. Good teachers are not only knowledgeable of their respective domains, but are also role models for children. Therefore, it becomes important that the teacher has the required skills, along with knowledge. Also a nuanced understanding to engage with sensitivity and compassion with children with varying capacities and pace towards new learning.

At MySchool, our mission is also to elevate the status of teachers and widen their horizons by equipping them with the knowledge, expertise and skills required to transform them into leaders in education. Various trainings and workshops for teachers are designed to give them exposure to the latest innovations and thinking in the field of education, so that they are always ahead of time.

A yearly training planner has been created for this and the training sessions focus on skill, capacity and knowledge building of the teachers in the vast field of education practice and research.