It is almost that time of the year when the air freshens up and lush greenery is to be seen everywhere. It’s hard to resist going out for a stroll or opening the windows of your room which are usually sealed for air conditioning during the gruelling summers. Kids especially can’t resist going out in the rain; playing, dancing around and bathing in the heavenly showers.

But with the refreshing drizzles come multiple problems–water logging, fluctuating temperatures and general dampness in nearby areas that leads to the proliferation of mosquitoes and disease-causing microbes, putting your vulnerable little ones at risk.

As a parent, you would like to take utmost care and every possible precaution to ensure your kid is healthy and happy all the time, but you also want certainty that what you are doing is right along with the need to be sure that your little ones are safe and secure when they are away from you.

Ensure Hygiene and Good Nutrition:

Apart from the flu and viral, water-borne diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea are common in this season. They are usually caused by poor sanitation, through the consumption of contaminated and unfiltered water or food that is not cooked, cleaned or preserved properly.

At MySchool, all meals served to your kid are prepared hygienically under strict supervision at our in-house kitchen. The food is fresh and served warm. Our menu is specially designed and approved by our empanelled nutritionist on a monthly basis to ensure that our children get maximum nutrition through the year and are protected during this humid season. The water used at MySchool is treated through the process of Reverse Osmosis for complete safety in all weather conditions.

Teach Them Healthy Habits:

Teaching your kids healthy habits will help them stay protected from diseases as habits learned early in life frame the way for a healthy and happy future.

At MySchool, we inculcate necessary healthy habits in your little one’s daily routine like making them understand the benefits of nutritious meals over street food, healthy juices over cold drinks and the importance of personal hygiene. We have special child-rise (Ideal height for easy access of children) washrooms to teach our kids bathroom etiquettes which help them become independently hygienic.

Watch Out for Waterlogging and Mosquitoes:

Dengue, malaria and chikungunya are other quite common and dangerous diseases that are prevalent during the rainy season.  Disease-carrying mosquitoes grow in unhygienic surroundings and waterlogged areas that are quite common during the rains. Stagnant pools of water further aid the prevalence of mosquitoes. Make sure that your kid is completely covered when they go out to school or to play in the nearby park or lawn to protect them in this season.

At MySchool, round-the-clock cleaning is done by our house keeping staff along with regular disinfection of all indoor and outdoor spaces to prevent the breeding of germs and insects. Your child’s health is always our priority.

Maintain Clean Surroundings:

Clean surroundings and a safe, hygienic environment play an important role in the prevention of breeding of mosquitoes and harmful germs that could cause illness.

At MySchool, our school buildings and yard are well-maintained at all times. We make sure that there is no water logging during the monsoon season.

With MySchool, you can be tension-free, as we believe in regular cleaning of the campus and performing regular inspection of all aspects including the air conditioning units. We are committed to ensuring that we do not leave any space for the germs to get to your kids.

Take Expert Help! Don’t Ignore the Signs:

If you notice any strange behavioural changes and symptoms of illness in your child, immediately consult a doctor. Don’t ever ignore any signs of discomfort in your child as it could turn serious if left unattended.

MySchool provides free in-house check-ups and updates by a panel of doctors on board, including a Nutritionist, Child Psychologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, and a Paediatrician amongst others. So whenever your kid is in need, the well-trained team of MySchool is there to provide help to them.

Easy Tips for a Healthier and a More Enjoyable Monsoon Season:

  • Keep your children’s room clean and dry.
  • Use mosquito nets in the kids’ rooms instead of mosquito coils.
  • Serve moderately hot to warm food to your child.
  • Keep your children’s bags, raincoats and playing items dry and clean
  • Inculcate the habit of washing hands in your child after using the toilet and before eating.
  • Prevent your children from biting their nails as this will cause them to ingest any infection that may be on their hands.
  • Storing water in copper or silver vessels kills all germs and sterilizes the water.
  • Include naturally healing ingredients like tulsi leaves, ginger, mint, seasonal fresh fruits, dry fruits and turmeric in their daily diet.
  • Avoid letting them consume fermented and fried foods.

Monsoon is a highly relieving and enjoyable time for people of all age groups. Try inculcating these tips in your life for a healthier more fulfilling monsoon this year and trust MySchool for taking immense care of your child. After all, your kids deserve the best!

Give your child the MySchool Advantage Today with Lucknow’s premier preschool,MySchool. You can call our experts at 8090025554/8090035554 from Monday to Saturday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

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