MySchool Building

MySchool building and its spaces have been decorated and furnished in a way so as to provide a wide-ranging stimulus to children to explore and learn through play.

The school has been designed by the reputed Education Design Architects (EDA). EDA is a specialised organisation focusing on innovative campuses and education facilities to incorporate 21st century learning and teaching techniques. MySchool has been designed and developed in full conformity of WHO norms for education spaces. The design complies with the best international standards, which is a first for Lucknow.

MySchool aims to be not only Lucknow’s, but Uttar Pradesh’s first green preschool, with closely monitored carbon footprints and sustainable design and processes. MySchool fulfills all LEEDS parameters.

Utmost care is taken to ensure the following:

  • Well-planned spaces with rounded corners and soft surfaces
  • Most appropriate lighting, a balanced mix of natural and artifical lighting.
  • Best possible air quality in and around the building.
  • No blind spots. The design of the building allows constant supervision of the children whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Careful Transition Tracking procedure in place for monitoring children’s movement from one place to another.
  • Computerised front desk check-in to ensure security.
  • Weekly sanitisation of all surfaces including toys, child furnishings, changing and nursing areas, etc.
  • Healthy food menu planned by a professional nutritionist.
  • Regular disinfection of all indoor and outdoor spaces to prevent breeding of germs and insects.
  • Lively and bright colours on most of the surfaces to appeal to the children and stimulate them.