Meals at MySchool

At MySchool, we take care of the nutrition and health of our children just as closely and keenly as you would as a parent. Children develop natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most, so the challenge is to make healthy choices appealing. Food remains a major concern for almost every parent in the early growing years of the children and we take that concern very seriously. We ensure that the quality and variety of the food is appealing for the children as well as very healthy.

  • MySchool serves healthy and nutritious vegetarian food prepared on the premises in our well-equipped kitchen. We have a professional nutritionist and a certified dietician who develop the menus and monitor the quality of food regularly.
  • Focus is on serving meals consisting of a variety of cuisines and including foods from all major food groups. Care is taken to make the food visually appealing and tasty. Children are encouraged to feed themselves and delight in simple accomplishment. Menus change seasonally and often include vegetables tended to by the children in the school garden.
  • In cases where a particular kind of food is required or to be avoided due to any medical or personal reasons, we take that into account while preparing meal charts. Parents are advised to inform the school in writing of any dietary intolerances or allergies.
  • Hygiene remains one of the most significant areas for us and that reflects in the quality of our kitchen, our dishes and cutlery, waste management, and our kitchen staff. Drinking water is purified using reverse osmosis units and cooled in filters.