It was a momentous occasion for MySchool as we celebrated a beautiful journey with children. Well, it was that time of the year where we bid goodbye to our preschool children as they embark on a new adventure.

MY BIG DAY event on March 15, 2018 witnessed glimpses of a glorious journey where children were showered with accolades for the progress they have made in terms of advancing to new classes or passing out of the preschool with flying colours. The focus was always on the accomplishments students made throughout the year and the great things that are destined ahead.

Bigger dreams, bigger steps and oodles of curiosity marked their advancement as proud parents witnessed their little buds with excitement, adulation and a sense of pride. One of the highlights of the event where the crowd thronged was an interesting selfie corner for children in the shape of a graduation hat. A treasured memory to mark such a tremendous feat that the children had achieved.

As MySchool graduates are moving on to new discoveries and new accomplishments, one thing is certain. They are taking with them the many discoveries and accomplishments that we have shared together and this is all worth celebrating.

For, we have always felt that when children feel relaxed, loved and celebrated they become creative, playful and curious about the world. Hoping the fervour of such ‘Big Days’ turns even more magnanimous with each passing year.

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