Grandparents play an important role in their grandchildren’s life. In the early years of their life, grandchildren receive a bounty of love and pampering from their grandparents. To strengthen this bond of love, we organized a fun-filled day for grandparents and grandchildren.

We created a warm collaborative environment for grandparents and grandchildren to engage in fun activities. Along with their grandparents, the little ones engaged in colourful art and craft activities and took a step towards creating their own masterpieces. The children also enjoyed dancing and singing and were an absolute delight for their grandparents to watch. The teachers arranged interesting games for the children to keep them engaged.

The little ones also engaged in non-flame cooking activities. Along with their grandparents, they engaged in fun cooking activities such as making canopy chaat and decorating their own cookie. To make the day memorable, we had our own version of a photo station for the grandchildren and grandparents to have photos together. There were different activities for each classroom to make the day memorable and enjoyable.

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