From igniting young minds, fostering communication, celebrating innocence and inspiring creativity, MySchool has completed one whole cycle since its inception; and what a wonderful journey it has been. True to our core values and dedication towards providing excellent creative space to children, we celebrated this milestone with our kids by taking them out on a refreshing picnic in the park. They were treated to healthy snacks and surprised with a cake marking our anniversary for which they joyfully huddled up to cut and treat themselves.

Unlike our routine day full of diverse activities, we played sports like cricket and catch with our children as they jubilantly frolicked through the park, their laughter echoing, re-affirming our mission to mould these innocent minds for their better tomorrow through our excellent curriculum.

In the year gone by, our work towards early childhood education has also been recognized by notable groups who have honoured us with several accolades. On our 1st anniversary, let us take you through the awards and recognition we have garnered so far:-

1. ‘Top 100 Pre Schools of India- Best Pre School Uttar Pradesh’ by Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2018.
2. MySchool ranked as number 1in the Category of ‘Top City Wise Preschool cum Daycare’ byEducation Today, India’s Top Education Portal.
3. ‘Most Promising Pre School in Lucknow at International Education Conference & Awards2017, by TIME CyberMedia.
4. MySchool ranked ‘The Top Preschool in the City’ by Asia’s Premier Magazine ‘Digital Learning’.
5. ‘Most Promising Preschool Brand in Lucknow’ at Educational Excellence Awards 2017 by WBR Corp.
6. ‘Emerging Play School of the Year’ By Indian Education Awards 2018, 8th National Awards in Educational Excellence.

While receiving such accolades this early in our journey has been quite exhilarating, it has also pushed us to do better at grooming young minds.

On this auspicious occasion, we would like to thank the parents for entrusting MySchool with taking utmost care of their kids and for constantly supporting us throughout. We would also like to extend gratitude to our team of trained and empathetic professionals who work day in and out to ensure the kids are well taken care of and given ample space and freedom to exercise their creativity. May we have many more successful years ahead of us.

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