Preschool teaching is no less than an art form. At MySchool, we have mastered this art. Our teachers are forging ahead with a positive intent to guide our curious bunch & teaching them the basic skills of life. For, we know that every child is special and our endeavour lies in enabling them to start becoming independent in their actions. 

Contrary to the popular belief, preschool teaching is not merely about performing the objective tasks in a routine manner. The process involves immense subjectivity on part of teachers, and a lot of thought goes into dealing with every child and knowing how a child can evolve. At MySchool, we delve into renowned teaching pedagogies like Montessori, PlayWay and Reggio Emilia to chart a curriculum that is centered around overall child development and is progressive, open-ended and outward looking. 

The key aspects of these pedagogies are carved into a philosophy that creates a resounding impact on a child’s life and leads to a positive transformation and confidence in his/her actions. From building child’s practical life skills, senses & character to fostering a learning environment that builds curiosity, creativity & interest for group interaction, MySchool is a haven for curious minds and offers a homely atmosphere for the students to learn and imbibe life skills. 

Ensuring bright young minds always Stay Curious at Lucknow’s premium Pre School. 

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